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Every Week we cover a different topic to help you work with and establish your online business.  Attend live and ask questions or watch the replay.

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August 2020

Thursdays at 7:30 PM EST

Week 1) Ways to Use Zoom to Create More Customer Connections

In this session, we'll talk about different ways to take advantage of the Zoom Platform craze in your own business.

Week 2) How To Market Your Handmade Crafts and Goods Online

In this session, we'll talk about how you can sell your handmade crafts, good and creations online.   We'll be discussing the Etsy Marketplace and ways you can leverage it to reach people who like your personal style.

Week 3) Increasing Customer Activity with Streaming Video

In this session we'll talk about several different ways to go about Streaming Videos.  You'll see that there is more to it than Just "going live" on Facebook.   And if you are going live, we'll show you how to get the most mileage out of it.

Week 4) Is a Podcast Worth My Time...Will It Increase My Profits?

Podcasting is exploding and it's being touted as a one-sized fits all solution to get more customers?  Well, is it?   Is there a way to do it so that you don't lose focus on your business?  We'll discuss it in this session.

September 2020

Thursdays at 7:30 PM EST

Week 1) Doing Your Own Virtual or Online Conference?

In this session we'll discuss the benefits and the work involved in putting on your own online conference.  When you make sure to focus on a few goals, these can be enormous building blocks for your business.

Week 2) Marketing My Business; What are the Foundational Principles

In this session, we'll discuss 7 non-negotiable principles that you need to have in marketing your business to stabilize profits in uncertain times.   These things existed before the internet and are even more important now that the internet is a larger part of business.

Week 3) What is PLR or Private Label Rights Content?

For the last 10 years, I have worked primarily as a content provider.  The content is called PLR or private label rights content.  In this session, I'll teach you what is is and how you can use it in your own business.

Week 4) How to Self Publish Your Book on Amazon Kindle

In this session, you'll see what you need to sell your expertise within an Amazon Kindle book as well as some strategies on marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Can't Make it On Thursdays...Will There Be a Replay?

Yes, every session will have a replay available.  Make sure you're signed up on our email list and we'll see to it that you hear about every replay.

Can I Be Non-Technical And Still benefit?

Yes, the point of these workshops is to help people who aren't necessarily computer savvy, but that still need to use the internet to reach their customers.

Why Are You Doing This...are You Looking for High Priced Clients?

As a trainer, I create and sell classes to online marketers.  One of the ways I make sure that the courses I sell to them are relevant is to use them to teach real people and business owners like you.  So, every week, you'll have an opportunity to learn more about the subject through one of our Harper Academy courses, books or discs.

Can You Give Me One on One Help with My Business?

Because my primary role as course creator and trainer requires quite a bit of time, I have very few if any personal clients and do not have a published rate.  However, we do have a regular Q and A for anyone that is part of our monthly program.

Are you available for interviews, speaking and private training?

In some cases, I can be available although it is rare due to my production schedule.  Please use the contact form and allow us at least 72 - 96 hours to respond to speaking requests.